Brass Boutique


Brass Boutique is a Mumbai based start up run by two college students. It deals in customized metallic jewellery and accessories based on a metal cutting craft.They are currently limited only to Mumbai and are planning to expand their business to reach all the parts of India.

Brass Boutique has a certain set of standard designs which are most popular and in demand like The Deathly Hallows pendant and the seven Horcruxes charm bracelet and the Stark symbol (from Game of Thrones) pendants and keychains. They also make customized jewellery. All one has to do is send them the design of their choice (or ask them to design) and it will be delivered within seven-ten days from the day of the placement of the order. 

The main purpose of the start up is not to earn money, but to spread happiness. Therefore, one will find the products to be really cheap and affordable. It is hard to find anyone else in Mumbai who is running the same business. 

Brass Boutique is currently looking for an intern to help them with the publicity. A certificate of acknowledgement and a monetary compensation on any product of their choice will be provided at the end of the internship.

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