There is no word for ‘thank you’ in Dothraki


Did you know that Dothraki is actually a fictional language which was constructed for Game of Thrones?

It is an imaginary language which was constructed by linguist David Peterson(hired by HBO) to give more depth to the fictional community of Dothraki in the TV series Game of Thrones.

Learning or even creating a fictional language is an emotional decision. It makes the speaker feel like he is a part of a community. It makes one feel that he is a part of a group of people who are just like him, share common interests and have something that binds all of them together.

Throughout the show, we see the Khaleesi and her dothraki speaking the Dothraki language. To someone who speaks and understands English, it sounds like just some random sounds and words put together. But it is a fictional language with a vocabulary of around 4000 words. Some Dothraki words like Khaleesi already existed in the novels by George R.R. Martin. These few words were just random words imagined by the author, which he thought would give it more of a Medieval age touch. When HBO adapted the novels, they felt the need to have a completely new language for the tribal community.

The Dothraki language has no word for Thank you, toilet or even books. This shows that the Dothraki tribe are not literate or even very civilized. They depend mostly on horse meat. Horses are a very important part of their lives. Therefore, there are over 14 words for horse in Dothraki.

The names of the characters seem to be getting really popular with the audience. According to a survey, around 140 girls in the US were named Khaleesi in the last one year. Also, as the show gains more and more popularity with every season, a lot more people are motivated to learn the Dothraki language.  As a result, a lot of websites have come up to teach the Dothraki language to the fans. My personal favourite is It is an unofficial fan-site which is maintained by Richard Littauer, a 23-year-old linguistics graduate student. It looks like they have dedicated a tremendous amount of time for developing and translating the languages.That’s worth a salute.


Everybody needs a mentor


“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” -John Crosby.

All of us have felt the need to have a mentor at some point or another in our lives. A mentor provides wisdom which comes only with experience.

I had my first session with a mentor today. One that I’ll probably always remember. Being my teacher, he knew a lot about me even before I entered the room. He made sure that I was comfortable by starting the conversation with my strong points(which currently happens to be academics). It felt like I was talking to a friend and not a teacher. He went on to ask me about what was going on in my life. He listened intently when I told him about the problems we face at the college and assured me that he’d do everything possible to make the changes required. He also told me about his personal experiences, imparting invaluable advice and lessons with every story.

He ended the session by talking about my flaws and how I should work on them. He helped me see things in a different ways, encouraged me to work towards achieving my goals and advised me to engage in activities which would help me to achieve the goals which I have set for myself.

I never felt the need to have a mentor. Even when I was made to go to him to talk about my problems, I just had the thought of it being just a formality. To my surprise, upon leaving the room I felt like a burden was off my shoulders; a burden which I never knew even existed.

Gutthi…aap aayi nahi comedy nights with kapil mein?


Where was the ardent Gutthi in tonight’s episode of Comedy Nights with Kapil?
The show seems to be incomplete without her. The audience is always looking forward to her appearance in the show. There is no doubt that she is the most loved character on the show. The viewers just can’t get enough of her!
The actor and comedian, Sunil Grover playing Gutthi does not like repeating his characters. But he has to do so on “public demand” as he said in an interview. When he plays any character other than Gutthi on the show, not only the audience but also the celebrities(like Sunidhi Chauhan) ask why he hadn’t dressed up as Gutthi.

We hope that we get to see more of this lovable character in the following episodes.
Image, Super Gutthi. 😀

Brass Boutique


Brass Boutique is a Mumbai based start up run by two college students. It deals in customized metallic jewellery and accessories based on a metal cutting craft.They are currently limited only to Mumbai and are planning to expand their business to reach all the parts of India.

Brass Boutique has a certain set of standard designs which are most popular and in demand like The Deathly Hallows pendant and the seven Horcruxes charm bracelet and the Stark symbol (from Game of Thrones) pendants and keychains. They also make customized jewellery. All one has to do is send them the design of their choice (or ask them to design) and it will be delivered within seven-ten days from the day of the placement of the order. 

The main purpose of the start up is not to earn money, but to spread happiness. Therefore, one will find the products to be really cheap and affordable. It is hard to find anyone else in Mumbai who is running the same business. 

Brass Boutique is currently looking for an intern to help them with the publicity. A certificate of acknowledgement and a monetary compensation on any product of their choice will be provided at the end of the internship.

For more details, like their Facebook page

The entire concept is unworkable.


The best thing about engineering is that the world revolves around us. And that’s not just because they need us for everything. It’s because we pick the co-ordinate system. 😉

The word ‘Engineering’ comes from a Latin word meaning ‘cleverness’. This is ironic since the exams we write do not test our intelligence but how well we can mug up the subject a night before the exam.

We are often told that our program is not giving the “expected result” even when the teachers themselves do not know what is to be expected. Well, I know that cursing a teacher wouldn’t make a difference on our grades, but the feeling is awesome. 😉

In four years of engineering, we study over 60 subjects and are expected to remember everything that we have learnt in those 60 subjects at the time of an interview. If a human brain could store that much information, we wouldn’t even need computers!

Taking up Engineering means giving up on a lot of things. Some see it as a suicide mission. One has to give up on his social life, sleep, health. But it’s worth it if you love what you are doing and it makes you happy to learn and apply new things everyday.

Everytime you question your decision of pursuing engineering, just tell yourself that you’re the origin. And that everything in the world depends on you. 😀

Makes me proud. 🙂